William Heiman, COO

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This manager has the primary responsibility to oversee all aspects of Securatex including but not limited to all financial, operational, sales and personnel activities. Securatex Chief Operating Officer, Mr. William Heiman, has a combined military/security background. Bill has served with 4th Force Reconnaissance Company HI as well as 2nd BN 24th Marines, Scout Sniper Platoon. Over the course of eight years as a Reconnaissance Marine he has received considerable training in leadership, observation, communication, threat assessment, and interdiction.  He deployed with the Marine Corps in support of OIF 2-2 and was recognized for gainfully employing surveillance techniques which lead to the capture and arrest of key leaders in the “Abu Ayman” insurgent organization.

Bill has been involved with Securatex since 1999. He began his career with Securatex as a security officer, I.T. assistant, consultant, Quality Assurance and Sourcing Manager, and after employment with General Electric Company, assumed the role of Managing Director of Operations. In December of 2012 he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Bill is a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, an ISO 9001:2000 Implementation Specialist and an Internal Auditor. Bill successfully authored an ISO 9001:2000 QMS within five months of employment with General Electric Company. This resulted in certification with no non-conformities.  Bill has demonstrated and continues to implement change throughout Securatex which has resulted in a significant statistical reduction of operating costs while providing new technologies and equipment.

Bill is a member of ASIS and the Special Agents Association. For his service in the Marine Corps Bill has been acknowledged in Marine Force Recon (Pushies, Fred. Marine Force Recon. St. Paul, MN: MBI Publishing,2003).

Amaurius Ortiz, VP

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With Securatex since 2012

For 12 years, Amauris has served in all facets of the security industry. Amauris joined the security industry in 2001 as an hourly security officer. In 2003 he was promoted to Operations Manager due to his abilities to recruit, train and schedule employees.

While employed with Per Mar Security Services, Amauris was promoted to General Manager in 2009 and has achieved consistent high scores from his clients in quality of service ratings. During his time with Per Mar Security Amauris specialized and managed security programs for large health systems, school districts and transportations companies.

In 2012 Amauris joined Securatex, he currently oversees and is responsible for all Securatex operations. Amauris prides himself on working closely with our clients and building a strong relationship to see that our security officers are performing at the highest level.


Ellen Angel, Illinois Regional HR Manager

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With Securatex since 2005

Ellen entered the Security Industry 6 years ago with Securatex. Ellen started as a Call Center Coordinator and was promoted to Scheduler/Payroll 6 months later. One year later Ellen became the Illinois Regional HR Specialist due to her ability to recruit, train and communicate with Security personnel.  Most recently, Ellen took on the role of HR Manager for Corporate and the Illinois Region.

Previous to Securatex, Ellen was an HR Manager for JC Penney for 21 years.  She started with JC Penney as a sales associate and worked her way up the retail environment.  Once Ellen became HR Manager she had the highest level of employee retention in the Chicago Market.

Ms. Angel understands the importance of quality recruiting, employee training and retention.  Associates Degree in Business Management


Don James, Illinois Regional Operations Manger

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With Securatex since 2015

This manager has the primary responsibility to oversee the day to day operation for Securatex in the state of Illinois.

For 16 years, Don James has served in all facets of the security industry. Don joined the security industry in 1999 as an hourly security officer.  Between 1999 and 2011 he held several positions to include Security Officer, Field Supervisor, Support Center Operator, and Support Center Supervisor.  In 2012, he was promoted to Account Manager overseeing the day to day operations of roughly 6, 000 account hours in 4 states, and at the end of 2012 was promoted to Senior Area Manager in which he was tasked with overseeing over 7,000 weekly account hours and Managers for the Organization.  During this time, at Diamond Detective Agency and US Security Associates, Don was able to recruit, train, and retain qualified professionals to ensure quality service to clientele and manage a portfolio of premier accounts to include several south suburban high school and middle school districts.   Additionally, he prepared and processed weekly payroll for over 200 employees and was in charge of a fleet of 20 vehicles for the State of Illinois.

In June of 2015 Don joined Securatex, in which he currently oversees and is responsible for operations within the Illinois/Wisconsin region.